About me

About me

Photo by Hamilton Lifestyle Photographer: @luciayphotography


Arts Speak Studio is a curated art page with original oil paintings from Toronto ON based artist, Sarah Yeung. 

Sarah is a self taught artist that first began painting during the beginning of quarantine in 2020. Using the online art community as her ongoing education, it prompts Sarah to use a mix of emulation and intuition to find her personal style of application. Her current work features elements of realism, impressionism and textured work to create evocative pieces largely focused on portrait paintings. 

In a previous life she had contemplated journalism, worked in hospitality, owned a business and taught women's kickboxing. In Oct 2020 she was published as a co-author of Women Let's Rise, a book on women entrepreneurship, leadership and countless inspirational stories that solidified her intentions to be a full time artist. In seeing the immense need of our society to digest art - in all forms - she is driven by the scope of dialogue that can be transferred through them. 

Outside of painting/drawing, Sarah remains an avid reader as a fan of history and philosophy. She is currently living in Toronto with three adoptive animals and her partner. 

Thank you so much for visiting and supporting a local artist. Stay safe and stay well xx